Sunday 1 December 2019

Brew-School Vouchers - the Perfect Gift

Beer Brewing Courses

 Do you have somebody in your life who likes the idea of brewing their own perfect pint of craft beer.

Perhaps they have never brewed beer or maybe they have brewed but with kits.  They might be brewing all grain and just want to understand the brewing process better to make more consistently good beer.


Setting Up A Microbrewery or Nanobrewery

 They me even harbour a dream of going on and even setting up their own micro brewery and brewing beer as a living.  If you don't want to remortgage the house but still have an idea to set up your own tiny brewery.  Why not think about setting up a nanobrewery.


Beer Brewing Experience Day

Does your love one want to experience what it's like to work in a real live working microbrewery?  Then our Brew With A Brewer beer brewing experience day gives them to work with a brewer and experience up close what it's like to work in microbrewery for the day.


Advanced Beer Brewing Course

If the brewer in your life is just looking at upskilling themselves and improving their brwewing knowledge then why not consider one of our one day Advanced Brewing Skills course?  The course takes you through the intricacies of beer recipe developing looking at in detail your malt bill and how to create an award winning beer.


The Perfect Beer Brewing Gifts - undecided?

Are you not sure on the ideal brewing gift for the brewer in your life?  Don't worry... we can provide you with an open Beer Brewing Gift Voucher to any value which is valid up to 12 months to allow the recipient to decide on the exact brewing course and date convenient to them.

What ever their stage we can provide a fun, informative course in a spectacular setting in the Peak District.

To buy a beer brewing voucher or personalised gift letter just drop us an email to:

 or give us a call at Brew-School on: 0114 383 0150 - 'the font of brewing knowledge'