Wednesday 6 April 2016

Wine maker diversifying into craft beer

There has been a trend recently of some of the small wine and spirit producers diversifying into the craft beer market.  The latest wine producer to move into the brewing market under their sub-brand of Curious Drinks is Chapel Down based in Kent.

New Funding For Breweries

The new funds will be used to build a brewery and visitor attraction and incentives were offered to potential funders including discounts on the cost of the firms beer.  Chapel Down are not the only brewery to tap the buoyant crowd funding route to raising funds for their brewery but are unusual in the respect that they have a wine making heritage.  Other recent crowd funding for breweries were the Aaran Brewery who also used the funds to build a visitor centre and acquire other property assets such as a hotel and pubs.  The trend for crowdfunding was pioneered by another Scottish Brewery Brewdog and the rest as they say is history. A recent example of a Brew-School graduate Nick Farr has also used crowd funding to finance his expansion into a commercial brewing operation down in Harpenden bringing a brewery back to the area for the first time in just under a hundred years.
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