Tuesday 12 April 2016

Setting up a microbrewery - our tutors experience

One of our tutors on our Setting Up Your Own Microbrewery course Alex Barlow has just followed his own advice and set up Sentinel Brewery in Sheffield which opened its doors to the public on Monday.  Good luck to Alex and the other Sentinels and this Brew House and bar will I'm sure make a massive contribution to the brewing and craft beer scene in Sheffield.  I'm particularly looking forward to trying their in house lager.

The fact that Alex is going through the process of setting up his own brewery and bar just reinforces the fact that at Brew-School our expert tutors are practitioners living and doing things in the brewing industry now, today.

We look forward to getting Alex's expert insights on his set up process so far and learning on our next Setting Up A Microbrewery Essentials in May the things you really need to know before you take the brewing plunge.

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