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How To Set Up Your Own Microbrewery - our success stories.


Brew-School helping to expand the microbrewing sector

Here at Brew-School we don't like blowing our own trumpet but we have inspired and helped an ever expanding number of new and existing microbreweries on their brewing journey.  I've included just a snapshot of brewers and breweries that have been on our courses and the intention is to keep it updated.  If we have missed you out and you want a shout, then please feel free to post your details of your brewery below in the comments section or just email us with a link to your breweries website or Facebook page and I'll get your details included.

If you could provide a link to our Brew-School website then this keeps the nice people at Google happy and means more brewers and microbreweries will find us and hopefully gain something from our increasing range of beer brewing courses and microbrewery training courses.

We have also included some free  microbrewery advice on how to set up your own brewery business.

Three mates got together in Cambridge to make this brewery happen.  Unsurprisingly, this unique brewery has a a lovely tin shed as well as some intriguing sounding ales.  How about a smoked beer to wet your appetite?

This brewery combines the attractions of the fabulous Elescar village and it's heritage centre in South Yorkshire with Britain's food heritage of great beer.  The new brewery run by the enthusiastic Andrew will combine the best of both and also continue the long historic association of the the church and brewing proving that beer, heritage and religion are still natural bedfellows.

Farr Brew
Nick an enthusiastic producer and consumer of alcohol for many years was inspired by attending our one day all grain beer brewing course to go the next stage and setting up his own microbrewery using the Braumeister system of brewing allowing him to produce about 400 pints a day.  Nick has successfully sold a number of beers at a very 'good price' into local hosteleries and funded much of his initial set up by selling his bottled beers at a number of local farmers markets.  We are expecting big things from Nick after coming along on our 3 day Setting Up A Microbrewery Course in March 2015.  Nick has already established that he doesn't want to grow too big, as long as he can expand enough to finally give up his day job.  


Nick has also recently started a kickstarter campaign for funding to establish the first Microbrewery in Harpenden in a 100 years.

Interesting to see how far Farr Brew can go.

Macclesfield Brewing Company

Dave  Harrison-Ward is a brewing blogger who 2 years on from attending our All Grain Beer Brewing Course is looking at scaling up and brewing on a semi commercial basis with his existing 100 litre kit much in the same way that Nick Farr above has.  At the moment they don't have their own website but you can keep up to speed through their twitter account.  Watch this space as they say....

Stubborn Mule Brewery Manchester

Ed Bright was a brew-school graduate from back in November 2014.  Ed like many commercial microbrewers has started producing commercially on a small scale and then bottling his beer and selling it through specialist beer shops, bars and restaurants.  Ed has now secured the funding he needs to get separate premises and his own commercial brew plant.  We love the branding and Ed I'm sure has the youthful enthusiasm to make his brewing dream go along way.  Ed is also featuring on our 1 day course looking how start up microbreweries put together the finance they need to get the brewing dream off the ground.

A Recent extract from Paulo from Portugal - creating MUSA the largest craft brewery in Portugal following attendance of our 7 day course.

On my side, I partnered with some friends and we launched a brewery that should be the biggest craft brewery (so far) in Portugal. After a visit to Brawbevialle in 2015 and a struggle with the choice between a German, Italian or Chinese fabricator we ended up deciding to built our brewery locally. It was risky, as Portugal has no tradition in brewing, but we were sure that if we supplied the engineering, the quality would be very high. We are delighted with the results - a custom made 20 hL Brewhouse for a fraction of the cost of a similar equipment from Germany (or even Italy origin) with outstanding quality and features.

If you want to know more about the results or want to consider fabricating your brewhouse or fermentors in Portugal, just email me or call me and I would be very happy to help you with your project. Please feel free to let your friends know about this option and please share my contacts.

The Vine Brew Pub, Rugeley, Staffs

Both Chris and Ollie from the Vine Pub attended both the Setting Up A Microbrewery Course and the 5 day Practical Commercial Brewing Course.  Their aim was to put back the brewery in the historic Vine pub in Rugeley a market town in deepest Staffordshire.  This is exactly what they have done. The Brewery is installed and they are brewing.  Go try and see what you think.

Sentinel Brew Co

Technically, Alex Barlow shouldn't qualify for entry in our Hall of Fame.  Not because he hasn't gone on to set up an award winning brewery.  Not because he doesn't produce cracking beers.  No because he is actually one of our tutors on the 4 day Setting Up A Microbrewery Course.  Alex has been a key part of our expert team delivering this cutting edge course since 2013 but has only recently set up his own microbrewery in 2016.  Despite Alex's light hearted jibes " so you want to set up a Microbrewery DON'T no really DON'T " he has clearly not taken his own advice and has gone on to raise the finance and set up this Sheffield brewing institution.

You need to try his:

Cologne-Style Kolsch 4.8%
Ar American Red 5.2%

So for all those budding microbrewers ...... is it a case of do what I do not what I say?

Bridgewater  Brewing

Not all our Brew-School graduates go on to set up their own Breweries. Ivor is a good example.  Having decided that he was not going to set up his own brewery he has gone forward with his microbrewery supply business with a clearer understanding of the challenges in the microbrewery market for new microbreweries.  In his own words:

I attended the four day course at Brew School wondering whether setting up a micro brewery was for me. The course was excellent; insightful, challenging and thought provoking. In the end I took on of the tutors advice “Don’t, No really don’t.

But the courses inspired me to continue developing my parts business - We specialise in providing parts or complete breweries at the larger end of the domestic scale or for use as a pilot plant. We source all the components ourselves under the tightest of quality control.

Our most popular size is the 200 litre pilot plants. These are in use by several micros already, such as Fritz Takken at Bucklands and Les at Porthcawl. The 200litre plant makes a lot of sense; it is small enough to fit into a garage or shed but large enough to produce four nine gallon casks or 380-390 bottles. Some local micros use our 200litre plants for test brews and recipe formulation. We also build systems for gin distillers, and rather bizarrely beetroot and horseradish boilers for wholesale greengrocers in London.

Our breweries are easy to build, I presented at the National Homebrew Festival in 2017 and built a complete 50litre brewery with HERMS system in 36 minutes! If building your own brewery seems daunting we offer build days where you can access our workshop and support.

We offer parts or complete packages. Our website has lots of useful build information on. Please get in touch if we can help further.


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